We specialize in all types of hardwood flooring needs. Our specialty is installing unfinished and pre-finished wood, parquet, engineered and laminate flooring. We also repair floors that are already in your home. Our staff is ready to assist with your design needs. Whether you are looking for a simple design with natural finishes or a unique pattern that will be the central attraction in your home, we can do it all. Our quality products and craftsmanship will exceed your desires. 


The sanding and staining process usually takes two to fours days to complete depending on the finishing that is chosen. If the natural process is chosen, a coat of sealer is applied to the floor followed by two coats of polyurethane after it is sanded. This process normally takes two days. If you would prefer to add a custom color to your floor, this will take three days to complete. The stain color is applied to the floor after it is sanded followed by two coats of polyurethane. The final option is pickling, which takes four days to complete, two coats of non-yellowing polyurethane is applied to the floor. All three of these processes will produce durable floors. The finish that you select does not make it more or less durable. They will all yield the same level of durability.


The finishing process in the final step in creating the unique look that suits your personal preference. Polyurethane, which is available in water-base or oil-base finishes is applied to the stained or unstained wood to give the floor the luster it needs. There are three main finishes you can choose from Satin, Semi-Gloss and High-Gloss. The final process will bring out the natural beauty of your wooden floor.